Ah finally. A master plan for this master project involving my two loves in computer science: machine learning and software development. I’m gonna be a bit extra and create a requirements document-type write-up, i.e. this blog post, because - I don’t know - I enjoy all parts of software engineering and that includes requirements analysis. But I won’t get too deep into that because then I’ll get PTSD of my second year in uni…
(Note: I meant to post this yesterday 15. Jan but forgot to set the draft tag to false. But also I updated it a bit…) This is day n because I’ve completely lost count of the days and am not too keen on going back to count them. As I wrote about at some point in December I had started thinking of what I could do for my final project as an apprentice, aka the masterpiece.
I’ve constantly had meetings the past few work days so I haven’t been too active in blogging but I think today I’ll have a bit if time as I’m mostly just working on my presentation for tomorrow about GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). It’s a topic that I’m quite interested in and wouldn’t mind exploring its capabilities even further, but probably not for the time being as I doubt my masterpiece will be using a GAN model.
Most of the day (yesterday) was spent playing around with PyTorch in order to create a simple CNN (shoutout to Kamal from Data Science!!). We had a data set of images of different rooms and we wanted to classify them into six different categories, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, and etc. With the state-of-the-art model that he worked on, it had about 85% accuracy so we aimed for roughly 50% (with the baseline being around 16.
I’ve missed the last two blogging days, but for good reasons I swear. As the title suggests, I’ve changed gears in this apprenticeship. I’ve realised recently that I’m right about in the middle of the programme and, not including this week, I have about nine weeks left as I’m going on holiday as well. This means that I have to start preparing for the next phase, which is the “masterpiece” project.