07 September / / Apprenticeship
No, that doesn’t work. Happy Friday! Today was a Scala day for me. After taking a look at Haskell and being reminded of all the features of the functional programming paradigm that I enjoyed but have missed out on because of Java, I had decided to look into Scala. According to the Wiki, Scala is supposed to “fix the issues present in Java”. You know how Java can tend to be a bit verbose?
06 September / / Apprenticeship
I highly doubt that pun has not been used before with Go, however I enjoy it so it will stay as my title for today’s post. As the title suggests, I spent a bit more time with Go today, mostly reading a bit too deeply about slices and doing some HackerRank problems. It was mostly just to get the feel of actually writing some basic functions and such, as well as whether or not I would like to choose it as my “new language”.
05 September / / Apprenticeship
My goal of deploying this site has been finally completed! I had spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out why the theme that I was using looked completely different on Netlify only to realise that I had been attempting to set the base url using http instead of https. Typical, right? Nonetheless, I did it. Despite the idea of creating and deploying websites is not a new concept to me, doing it using Hugo and Netlify was.
04 September / / Apprenticeship
As my second day as an apprentice comes to a close, I’ve almost managed to set up this blog locally and not just remotely. Considering this is the first post, I’m not quite sure what I want my overall feel to be just yet so I’m struggling a bit just with that. In terms of the arhitecture of this blog, for the time being I’ve chosen to go with GitHub Pages and using Jekyll.